Why you should optimise sleep in perimenopause.

One of the things I think I've more or less nailed is my sleep hygiene! (HOORAY!!) Being on my own '3rd Age Rewilding' journey, I've been able to dig deeper beneath the surface and take control of my controllables surrounding sleep....and it is working! I see and hear almost on a daily basis certainly weekly … Continue reading Why you should optimise sleep in perimenopause.

Ah, so you want the perfect body….in lockdown?

So we're into week five hundred and eighty seven of lockdown in the UK. Feeling connected and separated all at once with the world. Together and apart. Some people are busier than ever. Whether it be working online and dealing with all that comes with that or some not so much. Bored, stressed out, emotional, … Continue reading Ah, so you want the perfect body….in lockdown?

How are you eating?

"Hurry up and eat! You're eating too slowly" I've been guilty of saying this to my kids and have also been on the other end of it. Life is so busy at times that food and meal times can become a habit of simply fuelling your body so that you can carry on with the … Continue reading How are you eating?

Balance is key

Balance. "Look forward, not down or up..." I would say to my 2 year old daughter as she walked along the wooden beam at Gym tots. " ....and use your arms to help you. Feel your way with your feet." She always had tremendous balance and spatial awareness from when she was tiny. She loved … Continue reading Balance is key