For those who don’t know me I’m Simmone and for those who do … YES! I finally have a blog! So here is my first post. Over time I will be sharing with you my experiences, musings, ideas and tips whilst traversing this adventure we call life! I have a few things that I already want to talk about but for now I’ll share a bit about myself for those who don’t know me and for those who do, perhaps you’ll find out a little more.

Who is Simojo? Simojo is me on a quest to find my mojo and keep it (See what I did there?)

Having completed ahem….a number of decades I’ve begun to find out what makes me tick and where I want to go and be in life. It’s a matter of working out the details in between.

I live with my 3 kids and 2 cats, teaching fitness which I love. I love dance. I also love avocados and a good home-made curry! I have a keen interest in living a holistic lifestyle including movement and nutrition (especially from a naturopathic point of view), enjoying life and learning as much as I can for the time that I’m here but with as balanced approach as possible, living mindfully, gratefully and joyfully. I like to think that I define my ethics. Live and let live….as long as no one is harming another. It’s about allowing. Progress not perfection.

I don’t take myself too seriously but I’m serious about a few things. For example, self-development (not self-help), self-care including mindfulness, being kind and caring to myself and others including our beautiful planet that I believe we are responsible for, for us now and our future generations. As the years have gone by, I’ve had some life changing experiences, from which, for the most part, I’ve chosen to take only the good stuff. From the rest …… life lessons. I’m not a person who thinks “Everything is awesome and positive!” On the contrary. For me this is unrealistic and unbalanced. There is no positive without a negative counterpart. I tend to take a ‘life lesson’ and try to learn the lesson and look closely for the silver lining too. Everything in balance. Homeostasis inwardly as well as physically.

I love people and like people watching, but not in a stalky way! I’m intrigued by human behaviour and how we respond and react to everyday circumstances. I really love seeing other people succeed in their endeavours as well as myself and like to help were I can if it’s needed. I’m all about the fun too. Sledging down a big hill, listening to live music and dancing in my small kitchen with or without someone else, amongst other things. I’m all for empowering girls and women but want to inspire our boys and men to be the best that they can be too. Self respect and consideration towards others is important to me.

So, there is a short and sweet snippet about me! I have a lot to share so keep your peepers open for my next post. In the meantime, remember to live intentionally and not by accident.

Peace and love


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